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“I found Serina on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her style. We kicked off the process at my home where Serina went through my closet and identified what I was in need of. The next meeting was a divine personal shopping experience at Bloomingdale’s on the VIP personal shopping floor. The room was filled with beautiful things in exactly my size and a variety of shoes to try them on with. If you’re thinking about updating your style or if you just dread shopping, treat yourself and do this - it is super worth it! My favorite part was Serina’s thoughtful commentary while I was trying on. She provided me with great insight like coaching me where to tie the belt, explaining which pieces could be dressed up or down, and what colors and silhouettes suit me best! Not only did I get some amazing new pieces of clothing and accessories, but she also helped me sharpen my eye for trends!”

- Monika W.
“I have had a great experience working with Serina! I initially reached out to her for assistance with my closet. Serina organized my closet, helped me get rid of the unnecessary, and made a list of what I needed. The second appointment was a Personal Shopping trip to Bloomingdale’s. I arrived and walked into a beautiful VIP dressing room filled with gorgeous clothing specifically chosen for me. I went home with some amazing pieces that I would have never thought to try on! Since then, Serina has offered me her Virtual Styling services. All I have to do it tell her where I am going and she does all the leg work. All I do is click a button that brings me to links of the fabulous things she selected for me! I am thrilled that I met Serina and look forward to working with her again!”

- Phyllis V.
“I found Serina online as I was looking to update my wardrobe. I recently cleaned out my closet and needed help adding some color into the rotation of outfits that I normally wear. Serina’s colorful and modern style really appealed to me. She came to my apartment, analyzed my wardrobe, and outlined what clothing and accessories I needed. We then scheduled a day to shop at Saks. Serina’s pre-shopping was AMAZING! It was so luxurious to walk into a dressing room and see racks of clothes, shoes, and handbags that were exactly my size and on-point with my style. While trying on clothes, Serina’s talent of identifying the fit and style of pieces that are most flattering with my body type was so helpful. She found so many items that I would normally not pick out on my own and looked great. I can easily get overwhelmed or start overthinking about what to try on and how much spend on certain items and having Serina there helped me to make these decisions and saved me a substantial amount of time and money. Throughout my experience, Serina was extremely responsive, professional, and equally passionate about helping me. I had a great time with her and am looking forward to continuing working with her!”

- Alison M.
“One word to describe Serina and City Style Image Consulting is “amazing”. I reached out to her to assist me in finding outfits for the upcoming events for my wedding and she did not disappoint. She is organized, listens to your opinion, and helps you branch out of your comfort zone. During my personal shopping trip, she provided me with so many options and was able to work within my budget. I cannot wait to use her for my honeymoon!”

- Carolynn G.
“I was pleasantly pleased working with Serina. How can you beat walking into a private, spacious VIP fitting room? Serina selected some amazing pieces that were my style, but also incredible things that I would not have ordinarily picked out for myself. It was the best (and most productive) shopping trip I’ve ever had. I look forward to scheduling one again!”

- Stephanie P.
“My experience with Serina was more than I could’ve ever imagined! From start to finish, the entire process was seamless. I really didn’t know where to start, but after she analyzed my closet she knew exactly what I needed. She took the intimidation out of the shopping experience and also made me feel confident outside of my comfort zone! My favorite part is that she sends recommendations after our appointments. She is extremely thoughtful and is so clearly passionate and talented. I’m excited to work together in the future!”

- Ariel L.