About City Style


CITY STYLE is a New York City based personal shopping and image consulting firm giving men and women the tools they need to look great and feel confident.

My name is Serina Mariani and with my innate sense of style, experience in the industry, and knowledge of fit and proportion, I will help dress you from head-to-toe to highlight your best features.

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I started CITY STYLE in 2013, while a Senior in college. I attended fashion school here in New York, where I majored in business with a concentration in styling. I grew up with two entrepreneurial parents, who instilled a strong work ethic, which encouraged me to pursue my passion.

The concept of CITY STYLE developed as I had become the go-to style expert among my social circle. The idea escalated when I was being referred to acquaintances and eventually strangers for my image consulting services. It is amazing what can happen when you truly love what you’re doing.

Post-graduation, I began my career in accessories merchandising, concurrently with my side business. CITY STYLE has been a perfect fit; marrying my love for product and eye for trends with business. Integral to the role is my ability to cultivate relationships with people.

Today, years later, I spend my weekdays working in the corporate office of a major fashion label; while the weekends are consumed with the organization of closets and personal shopping consultations.